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What to expect?
Caring Dentistry in Mandurah

What should you expect on your first visit to our Mandurah family dental practice? A relaxing environment, friendly staff and attentive care.

Upon your arrival, one of our treatment coordinators will introduce you to the practice and discuss any concerns that you may have. Next, you’ll complete any necessary forms (such as your medical history) on an iPad for our dentists to review with you a bit later.

We try not to keep you long, but a television and current magazines are available in the reception area to keep you or any guests entertained while you’re here. Please reserve approximately 40 minutes of your time for your first general exam.


Addressing Your Dental Needs

One of our dentists will meet with you privately for a consultation or exam. During this visit, you will be able to discuss any questions or concerns about your dental health. Should treatment be recommended, our treatment coordinator will review the details such as payment or scheduling with you after your exam.

Helping You Feel Comfortable

If you tend to become anxious about dental appointments, we completely understand. You can request nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) at any time during your visit to help you relax. We also have sleep dentistry options available for particularly anxious patients or complex treatments.

Our friendly, calm Mandurah dental practice is committed to putting your mind at ease. Let us know how we can help. Contact us today to arrange your first visit with us.

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