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Meet our friendly Mandurah Dentists
The Halls Head Dental Centre Team

After 16 years running his own practice in the UK, Dr Chris Lang made the move to Australia and joined the team at Halls Head Dental Group.

Dr Christopher Lang


Originally from the UK Dr Nicola Barnbrock is an experienced dentist that enjoys seeing the change she can make to her patients’ lives.

Dr Nicola Barnbrock


Jemma Rybarczyk joined the team at Halls Head Dental Group in 2017 as a Dental Hygienist and School Dental Therapist.

Jemma Rybarczyk


Originally from Bombay, Dr Mahesh joined Halls Head Dental Centre in 2009. He has advanced training in orthodontics for general dentists, along with a master’s degree in prosthodontics.

Dr Mahesh Thyagarajan


Originally from India, Dr Srinivas Bhandari joined the team at Halls Head Dental Group in early 2017.

Dr Srinivas Bhandari


Graduating top of her class at Trinity College’s Dublin Dental School and Hospital, Shauna McCormack is just one of our talented hygienist’s at Halls Head Dental Group

Shauna McCormack Boyle

Dr Ruan Bezuidenhout received his dental degree in 2006. Following this he completed a diploma in oral surgery in 2007.

Dr Ruan Bezuidenhout

Helene Belanger.jpg

Originally from Canada, Dr Helene Belanger joined the team at Halls Head Dental as an Associate Dentist in early 2018.

Helene Belanger


Kevin Canoy joined the team at Halls Head Dental as our Dental Hygienist / Oral Health Therapist in early 2017.

Kevin Canoy

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