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Sleep Dentistry in Mandurah
Sedation at Halls Head Dental Centre

If you’ve ever felt anxious or fearful about going to the dentist, sleep dentistry at Halls Head Dental Centre is an excellent solution. Our Mandurah family dentists work closely with you to provide safe care that’s free of discomfort.

What is sleep dentistry?

There are two types of sleep dentistry provided in our practice. With both, you won’t have to see, hear or experience the typical sights, sounds or feelings of your dental procedure.

  • You might want to consider requesting sedation during your appointment for

  • Overcoming dental phobia and anxiety

  • Completing multiple procedures at one time

  • “Napping” through a visit to the dentist

  • More complex procedures, such as wisdom tooth removal or implant placement

Relaxed Couple at Halls Head Dental.jpeg

Depending on the extensiveness of care necessary, our highly skilled Mandurah dentists may recommend either intravenous (IV) sedation or general anaesthesia (GA).

IV Sedations

When sedation medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream through an IV, it makes you drowsy, up to the point where you quickly fall asleep.

Our Mandurah dentists find IV sedation to be one of the best ways to ensure optimal patient comfort. It is extremely safe and can be carefully managed throughout the dental appointment.

General Anaesthesia

GA provides the deepest level of safe sedation. Since it does suppress your respiration, a breathing tube is also used to ensure your safety. The method of sleep dentistry is best for longer, more complex procedures.

Which sleep dentistry option is best for you? Contact the experienced Mandurah sedation dentists at Halls Head Dental Centre to schedule a consultation. Financing is also available.

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